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Adult Jump Training

If you are looking to increase your jumping ability you need an expert on your side.  Our Vertical Jump Program is different in that it is tailored to you based on research not a generalized program. Both Dr. Anthunee Galvan and Dr. David Kim have years of experience programming strength and power development programs. 

The research supports: 

Heavy Resistance Training

Plyometric Training

Contrast Training 

With an appropriately dosed and managed program we expect 1" improvement over 6 weeks (optimal 2-3 training days/week, results not guaranteed) 

Options include: 6, 12, 18, 24, and 52 week programs 

1:1 Jump training in person 

Small Group Training (<4)

Online Remote Coaching 

In person training is held at

3395 Carder Court Unit C300 Littleton, CO 80129

(inside The EDGE Volleyball Club)

Pricing varies

Contact or call (720) 334-7150 for more information or to get started. 

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